Sound effects - Foley



Foley Mix  (collab with Ronnie van der Veer)
Kärlek och Anarki, Netflix serie, 2 episodes
The Forgotten Battle, Netflix film
Regels van Floor, TV series, 3 episodes
Hemelrijken, TV Movie
Mees Kees, TV series, 6 episodes

Foley Artist
Tot Vanmiddag, Shortfilm
Beenlampman, TV drama
Men Discussing Their Feelings in an Emotionally Healthy Way, Shortfilm
War Save Me, Shortfilm
Dijkwerk In Het Licht, info/documentairy
Wijkwaarden Rotterdam, info/animation
Dood(s)angst, Shortfilm

other works: imdb



Game Audio  (collab with Game Audio Squad)
Delicious Bed and Breakfast, Gamehouse. (Foley, Sound effects)
Dynasty Duels, Gamebasics. (Foley, Sound effects)

Hoorspel – Radio drama
De Bunker Luistert. Studio Wiersema (Foley, Sound effects, voice recording)
In this project I got to transofm two World War II stories into an old school radio drama. To be heard in an installation inside an old war bunker.

Autonomous Work
Meditation NoiseAmbient noise and soundscapes to help you meditate.
A combo of field recording and synthesizers. All available on YouTube.
‘Auditief Bouwwerk’ @ Een Bunder Kunst. A sound installation at the art exposition ‘Een Bunder Follies’ A building made of sound. A composition of textural sound effects to give a sense of space and structure.


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